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How to Write My Essay Assignment? Top Three Tips

Drafting excellent essay is essential for securing good grades. At the time of writing an essay assignment, your confusion first starts with choosing a topic. In case it is already mentioned, you need to proceed with framing a format for your essay. With each essay, you face a new challenge of making it better than the last one. To make every essay different from previous ones, you need to come up with new concepts. You need to think of the various styles of representing the same facts.

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Redundancy is like a black hole. If you keep repeating same facts, concepts and topics with the same style of writing you cannot expect to get good marks. To water your imagination, you need to be creative enough to think of new topics or at least new ways of writing the same topic differently. If you are stuck with assignments and are having writer’s block, then you can always consider taking help from assignment help services. So, before you start digging the internet, with phrases like ‘write my assignment’, here are certain techniques that can help you in writing a constructive essay.

It is easy to get stuck with the repetitive method of writing. When you keep submitting the same kind of write-up, you end up getting negative feedback. So, how to develop your style of writing and how to elevate your essay to the next level? In this blog post, you will get some practical tips and techniques that will help you in writing a consistently persuasive article

1. To improve your style, read other people’s essay

Reading will always help you in improving your writing skill. Reading subconsciously helps you to mould you a distinct writing style. So reading other essays will give you a guideline to develop your own writing style. Try to read different types of essay. You can collect them from the college library and can advance with researching different essay writing styles on the internet. To search high quality essay, you can search the internet with phrases like “do my assignment“.

These kinds of search contain keywords which make your search more accurate and you will end up getting the exact result. You can read essays written by your peers. Try to read essays on different subjects. While reading, do not focus on only your subject. Randomly read whatever you get your hand on. Notice how different kinds of arguments or styles of writing people have been used in those write-ups. Reading and taking notes of different style of writing will improve your writing skill.

2.  Develop a strong vocabulary and the proper way of using it

A good vocabulary will let you express exactly what you mean, as clearly and concisely as possible. Concise writing has its own beauty, and that is why whenever you keep writing while reading different kinds of write-ups, your vocabulary gets improved. Nobody likes to have their time wasted with long, rambling points that can be easily expressed with lesser words. There is one way that can ensure accurate and efficient use of advanced level vocabulary. To write an excellent essay, never get stuck with using the same words repeatedly in the same piece of writing. To advance the standard of vocabulary, you need continuously work on learning new words. When you use a good vocabulary, it reflects your intelligence and knowledge in the write-up. With an active vocabulary, your essay will be more catchy and persuasive. So how to build up strong base of vocabulary

  1. Start with reading a wide variety of materials and always refer to the dictionary to learn new words.
  2. Using the Thesaurus is one of the best ways to learn new words. It will help you to drop your habit of using the same word repeatedly.
  3. Learning about suffix, prefix and roots, learning about new forms of same words will help you in making your essay stand apart from the rest of the essays.
  4. You can always start with the vocabulary book. When you come across new words, you always need to maintain a separate copy to note down all the newly learned words. Later on while working on the next write-up, you can use those words to make your write-up an exciting read.
  5. Don’t use big words unnecessarily; always remember that while writing you don’t stuff your write-up with big words. It will make your write-up complicated read, and people do not want unnecessary complications in any sphere of their life. Refrain from using long, obscure words when you can easily use simple words. It will make you sound pompous, which can have the opposite effect on readers. So be wary of adding unnecessary words. Your ultimate goal is to make your write-up clear, easy to understand and a simple, enjoyable and good read.

3.  Elevate the pitching of your essay

To write a short essay, you first need to start planning before you can start working on the write-up. While making a plan, you need to know what arguments you are going to make. So while writing the structure of the essay, you also need to think about how to present your main argument in the write-up so that you do not end up rambling around. Condense the write-up with a short, snappy summary, which will make the elevator pitch more prominent. The whole style of writing will bind the reader until the very last line.

Therefore, these were some of the very basic styles of comprising a good write-up. By following these tactics, you can easily construct a good compact write-up without investing much time.

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